Apparo Fast Edit - Frequently Asked Questions


Why Fast Edit?

Apparo Fast Edit can help to extend your business intelligence environment to include a high-performance data entry component, including data import from Excel.

The software is entirely web-based and runs on an application server, users only need a Web-Browser.

Our customers are using Fast Edit for a variety of tasks. The probably most common uses are these:

Within reports and dashboards:
  • Making decisions, set priorities and change plan data
  • Powerful comments, including categorising

Entered data can be directly processed in- and outside the BI-system.

Data Management:
  • Importing of large amounts of data from Excel, including quality check
  • Workflow support, over different departments, fast adaptabale
  • Master Data Management

Fast Edit? What it does, what it offers?

Some features:

  • Flexibility - The requirements have changed? Make adjustments in a very short time
  • Very easy to use - User training was yesterday, today is Fast Edit
  • Auditing - Who changed what, when and how? Track all data changes with the auditing
  • History - Deleting of old records? Or rather a history of all prior data versions
  • Workflow - Work effectively in different departments, across boundaries
  • Data quality - Fast Edit offers different solutions for the verification of data, whether manually entered or imported from Excel
  • Document Management - Fast Edit allows to attach files to data rows and integration with your DMS
  • Excel interface - Import Excel data automatically or manually, as a file, as e-mail attachment, directly from Excel using copy&paste or automatically in the background

Even 100,000+ Excel rows are no problem.

Is there a Support & a Hotline?

We understand our support as premium support.

We offer support for all kinds of questions around Apparo Fast Edit, whether via e-mail, phone, Skype or remote.

For more information, click here

Has Fast Edit any impact on the support of my BI vendor?

Apparo Fast Edit does not make any changes to the installation, the behavior of the BI system is, with or without Apparo Fast Edit, the same - the product support of the BI system remains intact.

What if my BI system is updated

If a business intelligence vendor is offering a new version, Fast Edit Apparo is supporting this version within 3 months.

What trainings do I need?

The user interface is simple and self-explanatory. If users are already familiar with the business intelligence system, Apparo Fast Edit is simply like an additional feature.

The designer is suitable for users who can create reports.
The designer features online descriptions of every setting, thus eliminating the need to consult thick handbooks.

Questions, how a problem can be solved using Fast Edit, will be answered by our support.

Which license is the right one for us and is it upgradeable?

We offer the following options:

Trial version :
60 days of unlimited use
After that time preiod you can exchange the license key to get a full version

Full version :
We offer 2 types of licenses:
  • Base License : unlimited number of business cases
  • Small Business license : up to 4 business cases

You can upgrade the Small Business license at any time to 'base', the costs resulting from the difference in price for the licenses

Additional users: in packs of 10

- Premium Support via telephone hotline, e-mail, Skype or remote
- Quality Improvements
- Access to all new versions

For more information, visit 'licenses'

We want to test Apparo Fast Edit, how we go about it?

  • Request your trial version and install it
  • Read the training materialand take a look into the online demo
  • Consider what business processes can be optimised, eg data collection across departments, decision dashboards, planning systems, management of master data, etc.
  • Transpose this into Business Cases

After the test period you just need to replace the trial key to get the unlimited version.

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What is a business case, how it can be created?

Business Cases are created using the web-based tool 'Designer', they can be started straight from the web portal of the BI system.
Only users who are members of a pre-defined security group are able to open the program.

For more information, visit 'How does Fast Edit work'

What is the Designer, how it can be started?

The Designer is the programm that creates the Business Cases. It has an online-help, that can be switched on. The online-help contains short explanations to every function.

You don't need programming or database knowledge to create Business Cases. The Designer is very intuitive.
A Business Case can be more flexible and powerful using the optional variables (for calculations with SQL or JavaScript).

The Designer is started directly from your BI-systems webportal, no client-installation necessary.
The access can be limited to certain user groups.

For more information, visit 'How does Fast Edit work'

What data from which system I can change?

Apparo Fast Edit can access relational databases such as Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, etc. It can read, write and update data from database tables or views.
The data can be directly and immediatly processed with the BI-system
OLAP systems are not supported, because there is no advantage when using single records

Does Apparo Fast Edit own a security management

No, it is using the existing security of the BI system or Active Directory or LDAP in the standalone version.

How do I access multiple database tables simultaneously?

Each Business Case target just one database table.
However, there are opportunities to access more than one table simultaneously.
1. The target of the Table Business Case can also be a DB View, that access several tables.
2. Look-up widgets can target different tables.
3. You can group several Business Cases in a Business Case Set.
4. You can use a 'Master' Business Case that links to several Detail Business Cases (a kind of drill-down).
5. Only for output: Label with variables can output data from other tables.

How can we ensure that only the right users can view and edit the data, because many data are confidential?

You can define data filters, so only certain data is displayed.
These filters also can depend on user groups, ie Users see only the data that they are allowed to see.
You can optionally specify whether and what data the user may change.

Many data is in Excel documents and should not be entered manually - what can we do

You can :

  • Import data directly from the Excel document using copy and paste
  • Select manually a CSV file for importing.
  • Automatically import data from an Excel CSV file in a specified directory.
  • Send data via email with an Excel file attachment, which can then be analyzed by Fast Edit and automatically imported.

In all cases, the data is also checked for quality and the user gets an informative error message.

No technical knowledge needed.

The look of the generated business case is simple, how can we improve it?

Designers can also use HTML, CSS and JavaScript, eg in the header or footer, on all labels and all buttons.
In addition, variables increase the flexibility. Logos can e.g. be changed depending on database values.
The advantage is that the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is optional. It can be used, or not.

Can we use conditional formatting to highlight rows or fields?

This feature is included in version 3.

For version 2 users it is possible to conditional format the widget 'label with variables'.

You can use the following example:


How can I check data entry and reject bad data?

  • You can define min/max values for each input field (even dynamically with variables).
  • Implement own Java classes to validate.
  • Use the Row Data Validator. This can be defined with JavaScript conditions and easy-to-understand error messages

How can we monitor data changes?

An simple way to do this is the history function:

You can specify that a record can't be deleted or changed. It only creates a new record and marks it as current
(Slowly changing dimension type 2).

More possibilities offers the auditing:

Here you can record any change - Who  changed What , When and How

For more information, visit ' Recording all data changes '

Does Fast Edit work with Cognos and Business Insight Advanced?

Creating reports with hyperlinks is possible only with the Cognos Report Studio, so is not suitable for BIA.

For the usage (not designing) of a Business Case, Business Insight Advanced can be used.

What technical environment is required for Fast Edit?

There are currently 5 versions. Apparo Fast Edit for:

  • IBM Cognos BI
  • IBM Cognos Analytics
  • QlikView
  • Qlik Sense (also on Kubernetes)
  • Standalone (also on Kubernetes, no underlying BI system required)

Advantages of stand-alone solution:
No licenses for the BI system are necessary, single sign on via Windows domain possible .

Comes with an own interactiv web portal.

For more information, visit 'Supported BI systems'

Users need only a Web-Browser.

Fast Edit itself runs on different operating systems: Windows, Linux (IBM RedHat, Suse)

Fast Edit supports the major databases, eg MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, and many more.

For more information, visit 'IT environments'

Is iOS (iPad) or Mozilla Firefox supported?


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