Advantages and applications of Apparo Fast Edit

Stammdaten-Pflege_01Business processes change – Apparo Fast Edit adapts to keep up.

Time costs money, which is why we developed Apparo Fast Edit to be flexible. You can customise the software to meet your entry processing needs in no time at all:

  • Programming in Cobol, Java or other programming languages is not necessary
  • No programming specialists required
  • Users can customise Apparo Fast Edit to meet new processing needs without IT support

  • Like reports, entry processes are linked using the mouse – all you need is a little time to familiarise yourself with the software.

    Do your users prefer to work with Excel? Not to worry. Apparo Fast Edit offers a solution that incorporates all the advantages of Excel, and none of the disadvantages.

    Your users can continue using Excel for data entry with the added advantage that various departments can access the files at the same time, thanks to Apparo Fast Edit.

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